Developer Resources

Third Web Solana Development SDK

Third Web has released their full stack SDK on Solana and it is super powerful kit to ship products faster and includes intuitive tools for developers.

SolPress – Solana WordPress Tools

SOLPress WordPress tools are plugins currently in development for adding Solana payments, Solana wallet logins and Solana paywalls to any wordpress website.

Knox Trades Solana Developer Course

Link: Learn how to:   Use web3.js to lookup accounts, send SOL, check token balances Perform SNS lookups using JavaScript Develop in Rust Create Programs (smart contracts) in Rust for Solana Create Unit Tests for Programs Create React frontend websites for Programs Develop NFT Solutions using the whole suite of Metaplex products Perform Snapshots […]

Udemy Solana Developer Course

Link:   What you’ll learn Understand the basic philosophy behind the blockchain and distributed/decentralised applications Understand the fundamentals of Solana and how Solana is different from Ethereum Learn the capabilities and applications of the Solana blockchain Understand how Solana programs (smart contracts) work, both in theory and in practice Learn how to develop professional […]

Ilmoi’s Curated List of Solana Ecosystem

🦄 Awesome Solana NFTs Via: @_ilmoi’s curated list of resources for builders / artists hacking NFTs on Solana. ✅ Includes: open standards, protocols, OSS repos, community-built tools ✋ Excludes: individual drops, future promises (without actual code / working product) 🔀 Ordering: OSS before closed-source, ordered by github stars If you see something missing – please submit a PR 🙏 […]

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