Solana How To Guides

Ultimate guide to Solana NFTs

Link: This version of the guide covers; Wallet (setup, burner, ledger) Basics (vocabulary, project analysis) Blockchain Investigation (wallet tracking, token data) Psychology & Market Cycles A list of useful tools A list of cool Twitter accounts And much more…    The aim is to address the lack of access to knowledge within our ecosystem. […]

Knox Trades Solana Developer Course

Link: Learn how to:   Use web3.js to lookup accounts, send SOL, check token balances Perform SNS lookups using JavaScript Develop in Rust Create Programs (smart contracts) in Rust for Solana Create Unit Tests for Programs Create React frontend websites for Programs Develop NFT Solutions using the whole suite of Metaplex products Perform Snapshots […]

Udemy Solana Developer Course

Link:   What you’ll learn Understand the basic philosophy behind the blockchain and distributed/decentralised applications Understand the fundamentals of Solana and how Solana is different from Ethereum Learn the capabilities and applications of the Solana blockchain Understand how Solana programs (smart contracts) work, both in theory and in practice Learn how to develop professional […]

Avoiding Discord Scams

Discord scams: Beware of the Nitro imposter scam Rainonsol’s guide to avoiding Discord Scams As you can see beside 0xCelon#0001 name is this sign This means the user is a discord nitro paid user, giving them the ability to change their discord handle (name 0xCelon and hashtag #0001) to ANYTHING. ~ What does this mean? […]

Solana Domain and Naming Service .SOL

Naming Service for .sol Address By purchasing a .sol domain through bonfida’s auction site, you can attach the address to an existing Solana wallet address for easy to remember transfers. There is future utility as well.  

NFT Quick Start Guide By Rebecca Gund

Courtesy of @rebeccagund Interested in Solana NFTs but sure where to start? I got you. The most common wallet choice is @phantom. It’s only available on desktop for now but they’re working on mobile. you can transfer solana in from any CEX. Now what? There’s no dominant marketplace on solana the large marketplaces are: @exchgART […]

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