How to Make A Burner Wallet

Buying NFTs on Solana (SOL) in relative safety Via: Madman Timmy Updated 2021–10–06 (new version of Phantom) When purchasing an NFT, you are interacting with a contract (ok, on Solana they are called Programs). That contract could do a lot of things; mint an NFT, transfer finds, even drain your entire wallet and transfer all your […]

Why We Should Use Burner Wallet for Mints

Provided Via: https://params.boats/ A great analogy, and practice to implement into our minting habits. Please stay safe, and always use a burner wallet!   It is standard practice in the ship building industry to add multiple watertight compartments to large vessels in order to limit the damage in event of mishap. If there is a […]

Phantom Wallet Setup

Courtesy of https://scaredcrypto.com: Setting up a Phantom Wallet is actually really simple. 1) To start visit Phantom 2) Click “Download”. 3) Choose your browser. 4) Click to add to the browser. 5) Go to the browser extension button and open Phantom. 6) Click “create new wallet”. 7) Here is where it will give you your seed […]

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